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living room

Premium Duck Feather Cushion Pads

Premium Duck Feather Cushion Pads


Living Room


You’re likely to spend more leisure time in your living room than any
other room in the house. That’s why our goal is to provide quality fabrics in a
variety of materials and designs to enhance any space. Whether you’re looking
for heavyweight living room curtains or decorative living room cushion covers,
we have the perfect addition to your living space.

Discover our Living Room product range

Top picks and best sellers

Here are some of our best sellers starting from simple Living room cushions
and seat pads UK to Living room curtains. Our products can be used to
complement decor or act as statement pieces.

Living Room Inspiration

Finding the right living room cushions  and living room curtains uk
can be quite challenging, Here at Littens we offer a wide range of living
room accessories in a variety of different styles, materials, colurs, and sizes
making it easier for you to find items that complement your home decor.

Bold and contemporary living room with colourful cushions

Grand traditional style living room in neutral colour

Littens take on living room curtains

Living Room Curtains UK

Choosing the Right Curtains

Living room curtains can easily be used to complement any room decor
however, they can also be used as statement pieces in simple, plain rooms.
making it easier to change the appearance of a room without having to completely
redecorate. We have a large range of curtains in different styles, colours, materials
and sizes to choose from.



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