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100% Hungarian Goose Down Junior Duvet

100% Hungarian Goose Down Junior Duvet


Kids Room


We believe that every kids room should be comfy, fun, safe and durable.
That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a quality range of kids bedroom fabrics.
We offer a huge selection of novelty printed kids duvet sets for girls and boys
as well as kids pillows, kids duvets, kids curtains and beanbag chairs
printed with your child’s favourite character.

All of our Kids bedroom accessories come in various different styles,
colours, fabrics and sizes to ensure all comfort and decor needs are met.

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Browse our range of Kids bedroom accessories starting from a wide range
kids duvet sets to kids room curtains. We supply a huge selection of products
designed to complement any kids room while still providing all the necessary comfort.

Kids room inspiration

You have infinite options when it comes to decorating your child’s room,
and let’s face it, they’ll grow out of it in no time!

Here at Littens, we offer simple solutions so children’s room decor
Starting from a wide range of Kids duvet sets in various different solid colours
complimented by Other items such as kids room curtains with colourful
prints, instead of characters, which they may eventually grow out of.

Keep it simple and decorate with neutral colours. Introduce some fun feature items.

Use favourite colours or characters to allow your child’s personality to shine through.

Littens take on children's bedding.

Children's bedding uk

Anti-Allergy Bedding


When choosing items such as Kids duvet sets  or even kids pillows
you should always consider allergies as using the wrong materials
can increase the risk of your child having an allergic reaction.
We offer a selection of anti-allergy products designed to reduce
allergens, and your chances of an allergic reaction.

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