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Baby & Nursery

During their first few weeks, your newborn baby will spend lots of time sleeping.
Ensure a magical sleep for your little one with our range of super-soft baby cot bedding sets.
We offer quality baby crib bedding in a variety of styles to suit your baby’s needs.
From cot bed duvets and pillows that helps regulate temperature to colourful
baby crib bedding sets with your toddler’s favourite character.

Here at Littens, we understand the needs of babies when selecting the correct
cot bed duvets and pillows and baby cot bedding sets.

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We’ve developed a range of baby bedding uk created in various different materials,
sizes, styles and colours, developed to meet all of your babies sleeping requirements

Whether you’re looking for Cot bed duvet and pillow sets or baby cot bedding sets
we offer a selection of different Baby cot accessories to provide your baby with
From the support and comfort, they need for a good nights sleep.


Nursery Inspiration

When designing a nursery for your little ones we understand fabrics play a huge
roll in setting the theme of the room. Our products range from Kids curtains,
baby cot bedding sets, and cot bed duvet and pillows. 

When selecting products for your child’s nursery you should also
keep in mind your child’s comfort and safety.

Littens take on the right baby bedding

Baby Bedding UK

Anti -Allergy Bedding For Babies


When creating our range of baby cot bedding sets we’ve taken into consideration
the different sleeping needs each child may have.

One of the main issues parents may face is allergies. Considering babies are
so delicate and sensitive we’ve developed a range of anti-allergy baby bedding
to combat and prevent any symptoms, ensuring your baby has a good nights sleep.

Discover our Baby & Nursery range