V Shape Body Neck Support Orthopaedic Goose Feather & Down Pillow


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This is an extra filled V shaped white goose feather and down support pillow. It has a generous filling of 1500gram. This pillow can serve many purposes. It can be used as a body pillow, you can cuddle up for extra luxury. Its orthopaedic character allows for support around the neck and head. It can also be used during pregnancy. To set an ideal balance of weight, support, luxury and comfort these pillows have a ratio of 85% white goose feather and 15% goose down. 230 Thread count high quality combed cotton fabric has been used for these pillows, which helps keep the inner filling and warmth inside the pillows. The heavy weight will give you the extra support and comfort which usually is not available with natural pillows. All our pillows contain a filling that has been washed, sterilised and steam purified to the European Down & Feather Association’s highest standards making them hypoallergenic. The product is complemented with a fine double stitch edging and a piped trim giving it a perfect finish

In stock

Product Details



Casing (Outer Material)

230 Thread Count Cotton




30" x 15" x 14" (76cm x 38cm x 36cm)

Filling (Inner Material)

85% White Goose Feather & 15% White Goose Down



Product Range

Goose Feather and Down


76cm x 38cm x 36cm


Over 1 Years Of Age

Machine Washable 40c