Pair Luxury Premium Moulded Visco Memory Foam Pillows


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Far Superior than normal foam, if Cold Cure Moulding isn?t the future for pillows then what is? Head down and sink into a cosy sleep leaving you freshened and stress free in the morning. It?s uniqueness to mould and accommodate the shoulders natural curve, done by it?s heat responsive materials truly is what all beds need. This cold cure moulded memory foam pillow has been made in the correct contour shape thus positioning the head, spine and neck in the perfect sleeping position. Each Pillow is made individually through a very carefully engineered process, resulting in every pillow being exactly the same, every time. These pillows further have the benefits of a water repellant membrain coat, so the memory foam never gets damaged. This product is UK manufactured and is fully compliant to the Furniture and Furnishings Regulations.

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Product Details



Casing (Outer Material)

Knitted (100% Polyester)


Off White


19'' x 29'' (48cm x 74cm)

Filling (Inner Material)

Moulded Memory Foam


2 Pillows Inc Removable Case

Product Range

Visco Memory Foam


Regular (48cm x 74cm)


Over 3 Years Of Age

Cover Machine Washable