Black Faux Silk Blackout Eyelet Ring Top Pair Curtains Inc Tiebacks


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This is a pair of luxury black contemporary faux silk (100% polyester) 3 pass blackout thermal pair curtains. The faux silk fabric has a soft silky character with a true slub effect, which drapes beautifully creating a modern and stylish look. The rear is coated with a 3 pass blackout thermal property with helps block out sunlight, eliminates draught, reduces noise, offers thermal, and creates warmth or coolness depending on the season. The curtains are finished with chrome ring eyelets. These curtains would hang beautifully in your living room, bedroom or any other room and come complemented with a pair of tiebacks. Our sizes are width by length and per panel.


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Hamilton McBride




46" x 54" (117cm x 137cm), 46" x 72" (117cm x 183cm), 66" x 54" (168cm x 137cm), 66" x 72" (168cm x 183cm), 66" x 90" (168cm x 228cm), 90" x 72" (228cm x 183cm), 90" x 90" (228cm x 228cm)

Face Fabric (Curtains)

Faux Silk (100% Polyester)

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Pair Of Curtains & Tie-Backs

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46" x 54", 46" x 72", 66" x 54", 66" x 72", 66" x 90", 90" x 72", 90" x 90"


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