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Home decor essentials

Most people consider the essentials of home décor to be furniture, carpets and the right wallpaper or wall paint. These are the basics that every home needs for the residents to live comfortably, even if such a basic arrangement is not necessarily inviting. At Littens, we feel what really adds the personal touch is how you accessorise your home. Accessories are not just for your outfit on a night out – they’re for your home too. Here are some of our favourite Littens accessories for your home.

The Cosiness of Bedspread and Throws

Pillows, duvets and covers for both are essential for your bedroom; these are a basic need. They are undoubtedly attractive but only begin to improve your bedroom’s appeal. What really draws the eye in your bedrooms are accessories in the form of your throws and bedspreads. The size of the bedroom or bed does not matter – both are irrelevant to the bed’s general cosiness. Few things in life beckon you into bed more than a quality, inviting bedspread. At the end of a long day, you want to fall into a bed that looks as good as it feels. The beautiful aesthetic Littens accessories add a touch of class to your bedroom.

Relax with Beanbags

Beanbags feature in many modern living spaces. The good news for adults is that they are no longer the exclusive preserve of children’s bedrooms. They’re inexpensive compared to formal chairs and take up less space. They are great for parties, informal get-togethers and make superb emergency seating when you have unexpected guests. Littens accessories range includes beanbags for children’s bedrooms and for your living room. No matter what you are looking for, bean bags are a great, comfortable way to relax in the evening and at the weekend. Plus, they allow everyone to explore their inner child.

Spruce up with Cushions

When you hear “home accessories”, there is a strong chance the first thing that comes to mind is a cushion. Cushions are an inexpensive and effective way of improving the visual appearance of your bedroom and living spaces. They’re not just for armchairs and sofas either. An attractive arrangement adds to the visual appeal of a bed along with the bedspread/throw. Similarly, cushions draw the gaze on your seating arrangement. A recent trend is to place decorative arrangements of cushion on hard surfaces such as sideboards and mantelpieces. These Littens accessories contrast nicely with ornaments.

Add the Finishing Touches with Curtains

Curtains fulfil a vital function – they keep your privacy when needed and some even keep the room feeling warm, insulating against the cold from the outside. But curtains are about more than function. Their size and position in any room mean that people often choose them more for aesthetic than function. A curtain’s colour, pleating and material make little difference to its performance – but they look pleasant. That means curtains as much about accessorising as they are about their intended functions. Design and colour scheme should complement the room and draw the eye – the very point of an accessory.



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