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Choosing the Right Duvet

Welcome to a new year. We’ve just entered winter and that means the coldest, darkest and wettest months of the year are here. If you haven’t already bought new duvets, now may be the best time to invest. Here at Littens, we understand that the typical family of five often has some difficult decisions to make when buying duvets – regarding space, which togs and which materials. It is no longer as simple as looking at the filler material or buying the cheapest. Each of us has different requirements.


Most children are fairly active, so you generally will not require a separate summer and winter duvet. They will not be too concerned over the filler material either. If anything, they may find down or feather a bit too heavy. Ideally, look for a medium tog with synthetic fibres. These duvets are light and airy, allowing your active child to regulate their natural body temperature rather well all year. Most children have a single bed, so look for a duvet that fits a 2’6” or 3’ bed.

Duvets for Teenagers

Not all teenagers are fussy, but by this age, they are tending to develop specific preferences. They may prefer the light and comfort of synthetics or they may be feeling the cold and prefer feather or down duvets. It is also likely that they are sleeping in a single bed, although a larger bed than when they were children. You will still need a single duvet for your teenager but look for those more suitable for 3’ beds than 2’6” beds. If they have a larger single (such as a “Queen” or 4’) a double may be better. Teenagers are usually happy with a medium tog used all the year round.

Duvets for the Parents / Other Adults

The parent(s) in the household are likely to have the largest bed. Even a single parent may prefer the warm, spacious comfort of a double or a king size. If you’re not sure whether you have a double or king, measure it from one side to the other. A double is 4’6” and a king size is 5’. The size is not the only consideration. You have several filler options – synthetic and feather/down. You should probably consider getting more than one duvet, one with a higher tog for winter and one with a lower tog for the warmer months.

Duvets for Guests

House sizes today mean that guests are likely to sleep on a sofa bed rather than having a spare bedroom. It’s likely you have guests only once a month or so, sometimes even less than that. Storage space is likely to be at a premium for spare duvets, so go for something light and easy to pack away. Duvets for guests are likely to see sporadic use. However, the out of season duvet for the main bed is not usually a good idea. A winter tog in summer will mean your guest is too hot. A summer tog in winter will mean your guest is too cold



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