Mattress Topper

Are you getting enough sleep? Or, here's a better question: are you getting good-quality sleep? That means no tossing and turning, waking up constantly, or staying up half of the night in bed. If this sounds like you, it could be a number of factors.

One in three people in the UK experience insomnia.

And the cause of it is the bed you lay on at night. If it's uncomfortable, it's affecting your quality of sleep. It can be that it's too soft or too firm.To solve this problem, we'll take you through the benefits of having a mattress topper. Ready to find out those reasons?

Let's get into it!


Helps with Back Pain


Waking up with back pain is a nuisance. It can cause you to limit your amount of activity during the day. It not only puts a pause on your sleep cycle but on your life as well. Most traditional mattresses are designed with springs. These bits of metal put pressure on your back that can cause you to wake up in pain. Our backs aren't straight. There's a natural curve and we need that part of us to be supported properly. With a mattress topper, it cradles every part of us. This helps alleviate aches, pain, and pressure we may feel during the night or in the morning.


Sleep Cool During the Night with a Mattress Topper


If you find yourself sweating in the middle of the night, no matter how high you crank the AC, don't worry. New technology has allowed makers to integrate a cooling system into these toppers. Some will be made of gel which pulls heat away from us. Others are made with a special foam that allows air to flow through. Either one of these is a great choice if you get overly heated at night. It'll even help you save on your next electric bill.


Soften a Hard Bed


Picking out a mattress is difficult. There are too many choices which can ultimately lead to you making the wrong one. Since there's no way of test driving one for a few nights, you took your best guess. It ends up the one you bought is too solid. Instead of regretting it, just add a mattress topper. The memory foam ones are soft and reduce pressure. They'll reduce disturbances such as restlessness and pain. Not everyone can afford to buy a mattress twice so a topper is the best way to go. It'll turn that rock hard bed into one that's as soft as a cloud.


Protects Against Germs and More


We may not realise it but germs and bacteria pile up on our mattresses. There's dead skin, hair, and sweat that get trapped inside. This is not to gross you out but rather inform you. A mattress topper can help protect and reduce the amount of harmful stuff on our beds. There are types that are resistant to moisture, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. All of these options will help combat the germs we can't see. If you have asthma, it'll help improve the quality of your breathing. If your asthma or breathing gets worse at bedtime, it's because you're breathing in all that bacteria.


Extends Your Mattress' Life


You know the saying: if it's older than eight, it's time to replace. That number of years can steadily creep up on us and before we know it, we need to buy a new mattress. Replacing it's a hassle but there's a way to solve that issue. With a mattress topper, you won't be sleeping on the mattress itself. This helps keep the bed intact by reducing the amount of wear and tear. Since you'll be sleeping on the topper, it protects the underside. And replacing the topper is a lot cheaper than buying a new bed entirely.


It's Cost-Effective


Buying a mattress nowadays can be like buying a used car. Your wallet and bank account will be drained at the end of a shopping day. And most won't let you make monthly payments on it. To save you some cash, a topper is what you need. It's less expensive than a mattress and comes with more benefits. You won't find yourself needing to buy a new one because it causes you discomfort. Traditional mattresses come with commitment so if you make a bad choice, you're stuck with it.


They're Eco-Friendly


If you care about the environment, your mattress topper will reflect that. Some are made of materials that are good for the planet. They can be designed with bamboo fibers which are naturally durable. Others can be made with natural latex and are free of any toxic chemicals. They're produced with the environment in mind, therefore eliminating the risk of them being harmful to the planet. And they won't cause you to break out in rashes or to have unusual breathing difficulty.


Custom Sheets are Available


Since the topper adds a few inches to your mattress, you'll need a new sheet set to accommodate the height. While you may think that'll be hard to find, it's not. Thick mattresses aren't unheard of. They're actually more common in households and even hotels nowadays. A thick bed gives off the look of luxury. And to match that luxurious feel, you'll need new sheets. You don't want the bed looking bare, right? You can find these type of sheets at your local department store or online. They'll fit all sizes of bed--everything from a twin to a California king.


They're Durable


Unlike a traditional mattress, a memory foam topper is durable. It's less prone to rips and tears. It's able to expand and conform to our bodies, reducing the amount of wear and tear. And because they're so comfortable, you won't find yourself tossing and turning. That also reduces the chance you'll stretch or even rip the material.


Easy to Clean


If you ever tried to clean a regular mattress, you'll find it can be rather challenging. With a mattress topper, they're easy to remove from the bed and to clean. You can use different methods such as vacuuming or cleaning it by hand. This will ensure you remove all odors and stains.


Wrapping Up


You want the best quality of sleep, right? Instead of settling for any mattress topper, choose one that fits your needs. Check out our memory foam mattress toppers today!