Here at Littens, we know what our customers want. We’ve been supplying high quality soft furnishings such as duvets, curtains and cushions for a long time. We understand that range of choice is important. That’s why we know our customers can decorate their homes with ease and in the fashion that they prefer rather than going along with some other big brand suppliers of soft furnishings. If you’ve not yet made the switch to Littens, here are some of the reasons our customers love our products.


Choice of Colour Schemes

Some customers require a different colour scheme every season for their soft furnishings while some prefer to have the same all the year round. Whichever you prefer, we have the perfect products for you. You can just as easily get darker and colder colours in the summer as in the winter. Equally, you can also get summer colours for 12 months of the year. As our customers are not limited by their colour schemes, we are not limited by the demands of the season.


Choice of Patterned and Unpatterned

Soft furnishing fashions change by the season and by the year. Where jazzy patterns are common one year, plain pattern may be the fashion of the next. The year after that, you will find that the fashion is for no pattern at all. We understand that customers do not want to be limited by the fashion trends of today – not everybody wants to keep their home looking in season. Not everybody can afford it. But we do like to offer our customers choice, and not just provide them with what we think they should want.


Flexibility of Styling

Regardless of this year’s, last year’s or next year’s fashion, we realise that most of our customers are looking for a range of styles in their soft furnishings so that their home décor will not clash. When you visit the Littens store, you’ll see that the colour, style, range, tone and pattern choices cover every possible option for our customers. We want your bedroom and your living room to provide a warm and comforting environment.


We Know Soft Furnishing Fashions

Although we certainly go out of our way to provide our customers with the largest range of choices available, we are not oblivious to the changing trends and fashions of the season or of the year. We change our stock based on what you want – and that means being wise to the trends and fashions that you demand. Littens has one hand on the pulse of the modern soft furnishing trends. We don’t sell what we think people should want, but what they do want.


We Look for the Unusual

What customers do want is not always about what is trendy this week. People are different; some people love to change their home’s appearance with soft furnishings every season or every year. Some people prefer to keep the same style all year, every year. Some prefer plain, some patterned and some want something different. Tastes are not always easy to predict, even for people who feel their tastes are conventional.

Littens offers genuine choice in our soft furnishings, so why not take a browse of our web shop or visit our store to see if we have something for you?