While decorating our homes with new soft furnishings from Littens, it’s easy to overlook what children need or want in bedding. After all, they’re just children and will be grateful for what they are given, right? Not really. Every season and every year bring new fashions and trends in children’s’ soft furnishings. Here is what Spring 2017 has in store for Littens children’s bedding.


Colour Trend: Vibrant Shades

Whether you and they prefer bright or muted colours, this year’s trend is for vibrant and full-bodied shades of every available colour. You’ll see this in Littens children’s bedding. That means duck egg and aqua in the blue-green range, shades of banana in the yellow range and silver on the grey scale. These are the types of colour that shout “spring” in any setting. It’s even more important to deliver these soft furnishing colours in children’s bedrooms to complement the energy of the very young.


Pattern Trend: Dots

Children want simple patterns when they are out of the phase of wanting their favourite comic book character(s). Luckily, 2017 is the year when patterns in all soft furnishings get simpler. There is something quite innocent and childlike about bright colours and simple dots. It’s been a mainstay of Kath Kidston and other trendy ceramics for years, but now it has made its way into our soft furnishings. You’ll find white dots on baby blue, red and purple dots on white backgrounds, and all the shades between trending this spring.


Complementing the Décor

Children are usually quite indifferent to interior design, but they do like a room to look and feel cosy. That’s why there is a big push this year of soft furnishings for Littens children’s bedding to complement the room’s décor. That doesn’t mean the colours should be uniform – too much of the same colour can be an eyesore. What you want is for your child to feel at home in his or her own living space. Use contrasting and complementary colours and shades when choosing bedding.


Design: Characters

Young children especially love seeing their favourite characters in their bedding. As you look through the Littens children’s bedding range, you will notice strong trends again this year. Star Wars is very much at the forefront of the public eye now with two new films released in the last couple of years and the next film due later in 2017. You’ll find our own range of Star Wars bedding for children, but also Thomas the Tank Engine, The Secret Life of Pets, Lego, Peppa Pig, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney, and Marvel.


Design: Animal Prints

Children love a visit to a farm, zoo or woodland where they might spot some wildlife. It’s a well-known fact that children love animals. As well as large range of famous TV and film characters, you’ll see that Littens children’s bedding has a number of choices with animal print. Whether it’s Elephants on Parade, British wildlife or simple stylised owls, we also cater to your children’s love of animals. We even have a dinosaur bedding set.