Littens Spring Trends for Bed Sets

It barely seems yesterday that we were telling you about the exciting trends for our upcoming autumn and winter season. Now, spring is almost upon us. That means longer days, warmer temperatures, evenings sat in the garden and your winter wardrobe and soft furnishings put away for another year. What does spring 2017 have in store for bed sets and curtains? Take a look…


The Colour Green

Few colours say “spring” more than green. It’s the colour of blossoming leaves, putting you in mind of the ultimate scent of the season – freshly cut grass. But green comes in a large number of shades from the yellow end of the spectrum via lime and forest through to aquamarine which has a tint of blue. While most seasons have a certain trend, this year it’s anything so long as it is green. Early interior design trends tend to suggest emerald, duck egg and towards aqua, very common and popular colours for that spring look.


Tropical Print Styles

As far as patterned bedding is concerned, it’s going tropical in 2017. Palm trees and sunsets put you in mind of that Mediterranean or Bahamas holiday. The light and airy colours of orange and yellow, green and red will spur on the arrival of the summer for two weeks of lazing in the sun. Why not create this feeling in your bedroom and wake up to cosy Sunday mornings of bright sunshine and the scent of flowers. In curtains, plain remains the trend but you will find many patterned options. Tropical colouring is easy to achieve with curtains.


Light But Muted

If you already have enough tropical print and green, then you could go for some muted colours. They work well on their own but contrast surprisingly well with some of your bold colouring. If you have dark or bright walls in your living space or bedroom, then having whites and beige will contrast nicely. Drawing the eye is the key to good interior design. You don’t want your bedroom or your cosy living space to look too loud or too busy. Bring the colour down a touch and add a humble and homely feel with some simple yet elegant soft furnishings.


Simple Geometric Patterning

Another pattern trend in bedding and curtains is simple geometric design. If flowers, regency patterning and other extravagant styles are not to your taste then perhaps you may find some respite in the trends of spring 2017. This year’s pattern designs look back to ethnic and ancient cultures – particularly geometric designs seen on Stone Age pottery in South America, The Middle East and Africa. You’ll see crossing lines, overlapping circles, triangles and zig-zag lines. Attractive yet understated, patterned but not pretentious.


Metal Colours

Not feeling particularly adventurous? 2016 is not that long ago and the trends of the year were metal colours. Grey was in last year for soft furnishings. It raised a few eyebrows at first but interior décor enthusiasts went for it in their masses. Toward the end of the year, bronze came back into fashion for autumn. If you prefer to keep your soft furnishings muted then why not invest in new bedding and curtains in the metal colours such as silver, bronze and copper instead?