It’s summer: the kids are off school, the nights are warm and long and evening parties are in the air. Summer is a great excuse for an evening party such as a family barbecue, children’s play party or simply drinks in the garden until the small hours. Littens soft furnishing are not just for your interiors, but for outside too. Here is how you can improve the look of your home both inside and outside for that essential summer party.


Laid Back Beanbags

Littens soft furnishing products for adults and children makes for great extra space includes the ultimate in relaxing lounge furniture. Nothing says: “relaxed party atmosphere” more than bean bags. Children love them, and so does the inner child of every adult. They’re inexpensive, comfortable, don’t take up much space and create the kind of summer party atmosphere you desire for those warm evenings.  Spread them out around your garden, patio or conservatory and create a cosy environment for everyone. Easy to transport and store, create a comfortable circle to sit around and chat.



Comfort of Cushions

Cushions are the ultimate accessory and we never stop coming up with new and inventive ways to use them. You probably already have them on your bed, your sofa, dining chairs and sideboards. But have you considered using them to brighten up your garden furniture? From teak benches to modern rattan furniture, cushions can brighten up any garden environment. They provide back support and look attractive and decorative for your home summer party night. When the sun is up, use them as comfortable temporary seats on hard, dry laws. When the sun goes down, stretch out and prop up on your elbow for a relaxing lounge.


Serenity of Faux Silk Curtains

Curtains will always add to a room’s cosiness whether your party is indoors or outdoors. Thin, light and airy luxury silk curtains help create the environment you want for your summer evening party. When outside and the sun is setting, it will filter the light from indoors to create an attractive and ambient glow. When your party moves inside, the attractive drapes create the right air for your guests. We recommend the natural cream faux silk curtains in our range, light and attractive with a simple design, we’re sure it will create the feeling of luxury in your lounge as you watch the sun set.


Doze with Our Duvets

Are you planning on having a sleepover? Kids love sleepovers and depending on how well the drinks flow, adults love them too. What happens when you have more people sleeping over than expected? Your winter duvets will be too heavy, so why not treat yourself to some emergency children’s and adults lightweight synthetic duvets? These cost-effective bedding supplies will mean that as many people can stay over so long as you have the space to sleep them! Also, don’t forget the extra pillows, although Littens cushions will also provide some temporary comfort, especially for children. Everyone knows that kids can sleep almost anywhere. They’ll love to sleep in the tent in the garden if you have one; single duvets are perfect for 2-3 children at once.