Small bedrooms often go ignored and unloved – kept for visitors or unfussy children. Let’s face it, with such limited space you can’t fit a lot in there. It can’t quite become the interior design masterpiece you want. They don’t have to be ignored or treated as an outcast. You can make them an attractive and cosy sleeping space for yourself, as a spare room or for children with some shrewd soft furnishing selection. Here is how.


Contrast Walls and Cushions

Tradition dictates that dark colours make a room look dingy and uninviting. Not if you use the right colours, it won’t. The key is to ensure that the colours contrast and complement. Darker walls should contrast bright cushions and vice versa. This will be the cornerstone of the décor. We’ve been promoting this colour scheme all year and our customers realise that rooms don’t have to be on the same theme so long as they go together. If the colours complement, they will always look great.


Curtain off the Bed

This is the ultimate way to create that quintessential cosiness in a small bedroom. Ideally, you need a berth style bed set into the wall but any overhanging ceiling, wall or panelling will do it. It’s a great feature for kids who like to play at camping. Adults will love the intimacy too for a cosy night in a small room. Look at our range of printed curtains or kids curtains to see what would go in your room. We feel the Vermont Teal creates a certain nautical look with a colour scheme that will go with almost anything.


Make Good Use of Available Space

This isn’t so much of a product suggestion as a design recommendation. As much as we would love for you to fill your home with Littens products (and we hope you do too!) it’s important to remember that small bedrooms have a distinct lack of available space. You should probably dispense with the idea of a desk and chair and probably even a wardrobe, especially if you want a double or king size bed. Use compact furniture that’s light and easy to move. This would be the perfect time and place to use Littens beanbags.


Make the Bed Draw the Eye

Users of the small bedroom may not mind so much so long as they have a pleasant and comfortable stay. With a meal, the first bite is always with the eye. The same can be said with bedtime. If you draw attention to the bed with an inviting set of bed linen and throws, they may not notice how tiny the room is. Whether you go for something striking such as our Catherine Lansfield Floral range or vintage Canterbury Duck Egg, don’t let anything else in the room compete for attention.


Plain Walls, Bright/Patterned Soft Furnishings

This is similar to the last point. Except instead of drawing attention to the bed, you need to use all elements of the room to draw attention away from the size. Plain white walls are dull but they do contrast wall with colourful bedding and patterned cushions. If the small bedroom’s user’s gaze is drawn to the bedding, the cushions and the curtains, they are less likely to notice bare walls or the room’s size. You’re simply muting the background to make everything else more effective.