Summer is just around the corner – that means bright evenings, warm days and open windows. As a home décor enthusiast, you want interiors that reflect the season and create a cosy environment. Here at Littens, we provide soft furnishings suitable for all themes and seasons. We look to the trends of what our customers demand but we also hope to provide you with something a little different too.


Summery Duvet Covers

Out with the old and in with the new. This is the time of year you switch your higher tog duvet (more commonly known as a winter duvet) for lower tog. Why use the same colours you’ve used all year though? Summer is a great time to go wild with the colours and really bask in the bright sunshine. Pick something light, airy and colourful. We can recommend any of our Catherine Lansfield range and find the Oriental Birds and Birdcage Blossom sets a wonderful addition for summer.


Relaxing Beanbags

Summers are great for informal get-togethers of long conversations into the night sipping wine. Why not take the gathering outside and onto the patio or even into the garden? Beanbags are not just for children, they can be comfortable lounge seating for adults too. Some of our favourites include the cube beanbags – coming in bright, summery colours such as natural cream. If fabric is not your sort of thing, we also supply luxurious and comfortable leather beanbags for your relaxation.


Colourful Cushions

Whether you’re looking for velvet, cotton, woven tapestry or simply plain, Littens has just the right summer cushion for you. Cushions add colour and style to your interiors and even look great on your outdoor rattan furniture. Summer is the month you can go all bohemian. You’ll find our large range of cushions help you achieve that look. We supply great looking dog print cushions and gorgeous flowery chenille. Whatever look you want, we can help you achieve that through simple addition of cushions.


Light-Loving Curtains

In summer, out goes the thick and dark curtains designed to keep the heat in. In come the light curtains to present as bright an environment as possible. Summer is the ideal time for a change of look around your windows. A good pair of curtains draws the eye and provides a lovely centrepiece against the spectacular sunsets of the season. Look through our Palma range of floral curtains; if it’s simple and delicate you want, they are ideal. If you require slightly more boisterous, nothing says “summer is here” quite as well the contrasting Denby white and red curtains.


Cool, Soft Pillows

When decorating your home for summer, it’s always about the visuals – almost. The key to having a pleasant living environment is to keep the home cool. Opening windows and doors will achieve so much. Changing your duvet from a high to a low tog will help, but don’t neglect your pillows. In winter, we want pillows to retain heat to keep us warm. In summer, we want something of lighter material to keep us cool. Our airflow and hollow fibre pillows are best for this.