Your master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house. It’s also a place where we grant ourselves permission to really go to town in terms of indulgence. After all, it’s where you’ll get ready for work in the mornings and enjoy lazy Sunday mornings with a beverage of choice or even breakfast in bed. It needs to be practical and attractive, functional and indulgent at the same time. This is how you create the perfect master bedroom with Littens soft furnishings.


Littens Duvets

The popularity of duvets has now clearly surpassed all other types of bedding. It’s not difficult to see why. The best thing about duvets is that they are easy to change and a quick to make the bed in the morning. There are various advantages to choosing natural or synthetic, amongst them are personal preference, temperature (natural fillings are better for insulation) and allergy (synthetics are better if you suffer feel the effects of dust mite). Find the right Littens duvet for you, and you’ve taken the first step to creating the perfect master bedroom.


Littens Pillows

Take as much care choosing your pillows as you do your duvet and you’re almost guaranteed a good night of sleep. Function should always be your motivating factor when choosing pillows. Plump and fluffy look great and feel great, but if you need something with more support for medical purposes, you should look more towards our range of memory foam pillows. Your master bedroom with its larger bed is where you can and should indulge all your sleep-related desires. Nothing feels better than laying your head on a nice, cool stack of pillows at the end of a long day.


Littens Duvet Cover Sets

What are pillows and duvets without a good quality, matching set to beautify your master bedroom? No matter what you’re looking for to beautify your bedroom, no doubt we will have something for you from plain and patterned, bright or plain colours, bold or simple to complement the colour scheme in your bedroom. We supply singles, doubles and king size sets for your convenience. Our Katherine Lansfield range contains colour schemes for every occasion and every season, creating the ideal master bedroom.


Littens Blackout Curtains

We want more from our bedroom curtains than we want from those in our living space. In your living room, you want curtains that decorate and complement the rest of the décor. You still need this in your bedroom, but primarily you want curtains that block out as much light as possible. Our blackout thermal curtains not only reduce the amount of light from the outside, they also keep the heat in – ideal for those cold winter nights during the hours when the heating is off. Thermal curtains can complement the general cosy and comfortable feeling you need from a master bedroom.


Littens Cushions for the Final Touches

No master bedroom is complete without a scattering of cushions – on the bed and any chairs you might have. The right cushions with the right design, colour scheme, patterning and in the right numbers can make a plain master bedroom look attractive, and an attractive master bedroom look positively regal. A pleasant arrangement on the bed draws the eye at the end of a long day; you’ll be glad to climb in, turn out the light and go to sleep with any Littens cushion.