What do we want from a bedsheet? This perhaps overlooked aspect of our linen is not something on which the average customer focuses. It’s all about the pillows, the duvets, the spreads and the cover sets. But a good quality bed sheet can complete your perfect bedroom look. Further, the right type of sheet can help you feel cool and comfortable. Here is what is trending in bedsheets right now.


Pure Cotton

Cotton sheets are not so much a trend as a mainstay. There is very good reason for why high-quality cotton is still a big seller in bedding. Cotton is one of the earliest crops ever to have been harvested. The ancient Egyptians made an entire industry from it. It’s breathable and light, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the cold months. It’s also hypoallergenic, meaning less irritation and better sleep patterns. Cotton never went out of fashion.


Extra Large

The growth in popularity of memory foam mattress toppers means people need larger sheets to go over the top. There is nothing more uncomfortable than waking up in the middle of the night to feel the sheet has come untucked and ridden up beneath your body. As people start to prefer bigger beds in which to spread out, the trend is to buy larger sheets (king size sheets for a double bed for example) for that extra comfort and – potentially – to go over the top of a mattress topper when you eventually decide to buy one.


Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are once again on the rise. Despite drawbacks in folding and ironing, they are much easier to fit and stay on the bed easier. We’ve already discussed the rising popularity of mattress toppers to extend the life of a bed. Fitted sheets go over these mattress toppers much easier and keep them in place for a comfortable night of sleep.


Grey Scale Colours

Grey is the shade of 2017. This may raise a few eyebrows, but grey need not be boring. You have over 500 different shades from which to choose. From shimmering silver and platinum at one end, full-bodied military grey in the middle and charcoal at the darker end, you are spoilt for choice. Grey shades work best when contrasted with the right colour scheme. Darker greys work well with autumn colours and light to medium grey colours contrast well against spring and summer hues.


Dark-Light Contrasts

Who said bed sheets should be white or yellow? Now, you can get bed sheets in almost every colour. The trend in bed sheets at present is to contrast the colour against your duvet set. Typically, you will have light colours for the spring season so use darker colours such as a rich blue or burgundy. The contrast will improve the aesthetics of your bed, making it warmer and more inviting at the end of the day. In the autumn and winter, reverse the colour scheme.


Higher Thread Counts

Consumers are much wiser to the variable quality of cotton today. It’s no longer enough to describe cotton bed sheets as “high quality”, “natural” or “superior”. Consumers deliberately look for thread counts as a mark of quality. This describes the amount of fabric woven into one square inch. Most standard sheets are 150. The best quality bed sheets begin at 180. Anything above 200 is percale, of the highest quality and higher prices.