There is nothing quite like the arrival of spring to spur us on the get the house looking great again. What is it about long nights and warmer air that gives us so much energy? Spring is a time of changes, so what better time to decorate your home with some new soft furnishing products from Littens?


Littens Bedspreads and Throws

We know what our customers want in a bed – comfort, size, something to spend a lazy Sunday morning in. But a bed needs to look inviting. That ’s why bedspreads and throws remain popular today in a time when duvets are in and stacks of sheets are out. We don’t need bedspreads or throws but we keep them anyway because they look so inviting when spread so smoothly on top of the bed. A good bedspread will not only make your bed look inviting, it will complement the décor of your bedroom. Bedrooms need to look and feel warm; with the right bedspread, you’ll get just that effect.


Littens Beanbags

Why not create an informal environment for your get-togethers? With our high-quality beanbags, you can. Children love them, so do students, but that doesn’t mean that only children and students love them. They’ve undergone a renaissance in recent years, breaking out of the usual round/spherical shape to adapt to the needs of the modern lounge. The filling is better quality and outer material softer on the body. There are cube shaped beanbags and for people with back problems, leather beanbags with back support. Why not try one for size?


Littens Floral Curtains

What better time than to welcome in the warmer weather with some of our gorgeous floral curtains? They are ideal for any time of year, but you’ll only get the full effect in the spring when the sun pours through your bay or patio windows. They create the right environment at night and complement the colours during the day. If loud and bright colours are not your thing, then may we suggest our Palma Floral range? They are beautifully patterned yet understated, will draw the eye but won’t dominate your room.


Littens Cushions

Cushions are one of the most diverse soft furnishings to brighten up any room. They look equally great on a bed, a sofa or even on a sideboard. They should never dominate the colour contrasts in a room but complement it. If kept on a sofa, they should match the colour scheme of your walls; the same applies if used to decorate your bed. If you place them on hard furniture such as a sideboard, they should complement the sofa. You’ll be amazed at how much a Littens cushion to brighten your room.


Littens Children’s Range

While you’re redecorating for spring, don’t forget your children’s rooms! As adult tastes change, so do the preference of children over time. Last year they may have wanted a cartoon character but this year they might be more into comic book heroes. Either way, they too can do with a change of scenery every so often. Why not redecorate with a complete set of duvet cover, curtains and beanbags to make them feel like they have a whole new room to sleep in.