It’s November and although it feels cold and wet, the worst of the winter weather is yet to come. What better time than now to replace your old and tired bedroom soft furnishings? Here at Littens, we think we have just the thing to promote a warm and comfortable sleep through the cold December-February period. We’d like to introduce you to our new range of Ultimate Collection 50% Goose Down soft furnishings.


What Stock is in the Ultimate Collection 50%?


We’re proud to offer you a complete range of soft furnishings for your bedroom in the Ultimate Collection 50% goose down which includes the following.


Goose Down Duvet


50% white goose down and 50% white goose feather.


Nothing beats the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning to the warm comfort of a 50% goose down duvet keeping your body warm while the rain batters the window. You won’t want to leave except perhaps to make a brew and get straight back to bed with a book. Many customers prefer down to synthetics; we’re confident that you will too once you try the Ultimate Collection.


Dual Layer Mattress Topper


50% white goose down in the top layer, 100% white goose feather in the bottom layer.


A layer of goose down offers unparalleled comfort compared to other mattress toppers while maintaining the back and posture support for which most people purchase this type of soft furnishing. Other types require an adjustment period, but the Ultimate Collection 50% goose down mattress topper offers the best of both worlds.


Goose Down Pillow


All types: 50% white goose down and 50% white goose feather.


Our goose down pillows are unrivalled for comfort, but we want to give our customers even more choice. Not only do we offer 50% goose down pillows in normal sizes, we also offer super king size pillows for your super king size beds at 50cm x 90cm. Regular size pillows are usually 48cm x 74cm. For those who prefer a large and fluffy pillow with a little more body or those who require a little more support, you’ll be pleased to learn about our extra fill pillows.


The Advantages of Goose Down


So why should you buy from our Ultimate Collection 50% goose down range rather than other natural materials or synthetics?


Lightweight: Down is a great natural insulator meaning a lightweight body. You’ll get a high tog for a lighter weight. The tog rating is not actually the weight of the duvet, but the level of thermal resistance. Down will keep you warm without the discomfort and cumbersome weight


Breathability: If your pillow, duvet or mattress topper are not breathable, you will sweat, making for a restless night and discomfort. The Ultimate Collection 50% Goose Down Range allows your body to regulate temperature even on the coldest nights by wicking away sweat


Softness: Few textures can rival goose down for sheer softness. The moment you lay your head on a pillow, your body on one of our mattress toppers or wrap a duvet around you, you’ll feel the unrivalled comfort that goose down soft furnishings offer.