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Best selling Goose Down product

Best selling Goose Down product


Goose Down bedding explained

Goose Down bedding is well-known for its long lasting, light weight insulation and luxury feel.
There are many varieties of down but not all are made equal. Goose down pillows and Goose
down duvets are much more durable and popular options, but why? Using our experience and
passion for comfort, we’ve shared below a simple guide to help you choose the best goose
down bedding for your home.

Here at Littens, we offer a wide range of different goose down bedding products
designed to meet all of your bedding needs.

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The difference between Down and Feathers

Feathers make up the very outer layer of a bird and have hair like strands coming from a central quill.
Down is found beneath the feathers and on the birds’ belly. Down has no quill and is lighter and
fluffier than feathers. Although feathers have great natural insulating properties, their spiny quills
in time will begin to poke out of your bedding, causing discomfort. Down is considerably
more comfortable, light weight, durable and long lasting.


Goose Down or Duck Down? Which is warmer?

Geese are considerably larger than ducks so it goes without saying, their feathers and down will also
be bigger and thicker. ‘Fill Power’ is a term often used when describing bedding. The fewer down
clusters required to fill a duvet or pillow, the higher its ‘fill power’. Geese have larger down clusters than
ducks and so have large air pockets which boost insulation. As a rule: the bigger the down clusters,
the warmer your duvet will be.

goose down and feather

Down cluster (left), Feather (right) 

Goose feathers

Large White Geese

Why is Goose Down bedding more Luxurious?

So, we know that down is better than feathers and Goose down is warmer than Duck down…
but what makes Goose down bedding such a good investment? And why do Goose down pillows
feel so luxurious? The answer lies in the spherical shape and strong structure of the down clusters. Where
feathers quickly flatten and lose their bounce, goose down duvets regain their plump shape
time and time again resulting in a resilient, long lasting, cloud-like duvet.

Hungarian Goose Down is the most Humane

The EU has strict rules on the treatment of animals so Hungarian goose down is sourced in a
completely humane and ethical manner. There are no farms that raise geese primarily for down,
there’s no plucking, trimming, for skinning of down from live birds and there are only two ways of
obtaining he filler for your Hungarian goose down duvets. It is either taken from the meat industry
or collected during the natural shedding that the birds go through as they age.

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We offer 100% White Goose Down duvets and pillows and Goose Down Mattress Toppers in a variety of
sizes and weights providing your entire household with a luxurious night’s sleep, all year round.

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