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Feather and Down Bedding

Best selling Feather & Down product

Best selling Feather & Down product


Feather and Down bedding… Explained


We all have individual tastes and requirements, and this applies to our sleeping preferences too.
While some like to be wrapped up snug in a heavy weight duvet, others prefer a light
and airy quilt to keep them cool. We offer a range of feather and down bedding and believe it’s
important to understand your different filler options, so here’s a simple guide
to help educate your decision.

Here at Littens, we offer a selection of feather and down duvetsfeather and down pillows,
and a selection of feather and down mattress toppers.

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Duck Down VS Goose Down

When selecting a feather & down product, it is important to note that there is a significant warmth
difference between goose down and duck down. Geese are larger birds than ducks and
so have bigger down clusters. These clusters are therefore able to trap more air
and so provide better insulation. The general rule is; the bigger the down cluster,
the warmer the duvet.

Duck Feather VS Goose Feather

Goose feathers are typically softer than duck feathers and with time their quills tend to protrude
through duvet covers less. Duck feathers are considerably smaller than goose feathers, so more
of them are required to fill a pillow or duvet. Because of this, a pillow filled with duck feathers
would weigh more than a goose feather pillow but would offer inferior insulation.

Feather and Down Bedding

Large White Hungarian Geese

Feather and Down

Down Cluster (left), Feather (right)

Finding the Balance that Suits you

Feather filled bedding products are very inexpensive and readily available, making them a great option
for lower budgets. Luckily there’s a middle ground for those who value quality and comfort
but don’t want to invest in 100% Hungarian goose down. For these people, a feather and down duvet
is the perfect compromise. This option allows you to choose a balance of
fillings to suit your sleep preferences and your budget.

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Feather and Down bedding

We have a quality range of Feather and down duvets and feather and down pillows in a variety
of balances, to provide comfort tailored to your needs.

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Our luxury product range

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