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Best selling Anti-Allergy product

Best selling Anti-Allergy product


A Guide to Anti-Allergy Bedding

Battling allergies can be tough, but for those with asthma or who suffer from dust mite allergies bedtime can be a literal nightmare. Your bed should be a relaxing space and itching
coughing and sneezing do not make for a good night’s sleep. If your family commonly suffer from allergies or asthma, our range of hypoallergenic bedding and anti-allergy pillows
could dramatically improve the quality of sleep in your household.

Here at Littens, we understand the importance of preventing allergies during the night so we have developed a range of anti allergy bedding created to combat potential reactions.

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What are the Allergens?

Bedding attracts allergens like dust, dust mites and mould. Contrary to popular belief dust allergy is not caused by dust, but by the excretion of dust-mites.

What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of this allergy include itchy eyes and nose, sneezing and coughing. Introducing anti-allergy bedding could mean better sleep and health for people with allergies.

What are Anti-Allergy or Hypoallergenic products?

Simply put, these are any products designed to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction.

dust mites

Common house dust mite


Symptoms include itchy nose & sneezing

What is Anti-Allergy Bedding?

Anti allergy bedding is specially designed to reduce allergens and your chances of an allergic reaction. Anti-allergy products are available in a range of sizes, weights and materials from mattress protectors and anti allergy pillow cases to complete anti-allergy pillows and duvet sets.

How does Hypoallergenic bedding Work?

Anti allergy bedding works in two ways: Using tightly woven materials to encase the filling it serves as a physical barrier to prevent dust mites from entering or moving within your bedding. Most anti-allergy bedding is also chemically treated to be anti-bacterial, creating an environment in which allergens find it difficult to survive

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Choosing the right protection for you

At Littens, we offer a range of anti-allergy pillows, duvets and quits for every bed size: from Junior cots to Superking size and our hypoallergenic mattress covers will protect you and your family from pesky bed mites all year round.

All of our fillings are sterilised and steam purified to the European Down & Feather Association’s highest standards making them hypoallergenic

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Our luxury product range

Our luxury product range

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